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Over the last year or so, I have been working on combining self-similar/fractal techniques (many that I found through Tom Johnson’s excellent book Self-Similar Melodies) with serialism (a technique I had never previously felt the need to explore but has suddenly interested me). Really happy with how this is going; the first finished piece was Developing Variations (can be found here in the recordings section- Paul Roe and Elizabeth Hilliard’s performances are really special), and I am currently working on focus, evasion for the Clarion Trio; a piece with lots of little movements that all have exactly the same shape, but different material.

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logic ballad #2: The guarded tourist makes the guide the test is included on this CD on the Divine Art/Métier label, produced by Christopher Fox. Performance by Elizabeth Hilliard. Out now! The relevant page on the Divine Art website is:



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