(hn, vc, synth, live elect.) performed by RETRO DISCO (Simone Keller, Samuel Stoll, Moritz Müllenbach) and the composer as part of Music Current 2019, Dublin

Loop Walks

A collaboration with poet Billy Mills. Performed by ensembÉal, conducted by Orla Flanagan. Theatre direction by Andrea Scott

Trailer for Demonstrable Progress, a collaboration with video artist Brian Duggan commissioned by UCD School of Science and Ad Astra Academy. Piano duet performed by Dylan Browne and Chloe Power

Four, a cantata loosely based on the theme of the four seasons, traced through the life-cycle of a leaf, a collaboration with poet Billy Mills. Performing as  ensembÉal are: Lina Andonovska-Baroque flute, Lisa Dowdall-viola d’amore, Elizabeth Hilliard-soprano, Bryan Quigley-double bass, David Adams-harpsichord, Raymond Keane-speaker, David Bremner-piano and live electronics, with video by Mihai Cucu and the audience taking on the role of community choir.

logic ballad #2: The guarded tourist makes the guide the test.

A video of a performance by Elizabeth Hilliard. It is a dramatic ballad built entirely from three-note phrases related to each other by permutational processes. This is intended to be the enaction of a constantly developing thought process.The text was assembled from a pool of 25 words:

across awake coast continue detonate eyes faded fear from hid if into latitude night paradise reefs since slowly story swung together turned underneath view you.

The basic structure is the following:

Setting the scene
First Action
Second Action
Memory of Initial Scene

The background to this piece was my interest in improvised process music; more information on this can be found on the Compositions/Improvised Process Music page.

Eleven types of minute

video score, created as part of the Components series, curated by Dylan Rynhart. Performed in this version by Colm O’Hara (trb), Daniel Bodwell (db), Kate Ellis (vc), Paul Roe (clarinets)  in the CFCP, Dublin, April 2010. The video is of shadows on the floor in my family home in Cumbria, UK.

The bright kids (logic ballad)

A monodrama; the character is a school-teacher. An attempt to ‘compose with words’, hence the text was written along with the music, with the aim of highlighting that the expressivity of each word resides in its sonic characteristics. Simple permutational processes are employed: basic, stripped-down poetry. Performed here in June 2011 by soprano Elizabeth Hilliard, for whom the piece was written.

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