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And here is a document explaining some of the aesthetic context and unusual techniques involved in the guarded tourist. It was written for a presentation I gave at the Music and/as Process conference in Canterbury, summer 2014.

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A video of a performance by Elizabeth Hilliard of logic ballad #2: The guarded tourist makes the guide the test. It is a dramatic ballad built entirely from three-note phrases related to each other by permutational processes. This is intended to be the enaction of a constantly developing thought process.The text was assembled from a pool of 25 words:

across awake coast continue detonate eyes faded fear from hid if into latitude night paradise reefs since slowly story swung together turned underneath view you.

The basic structure is the following:

Setting the scene
First Action
Second Action
Memory of Initial Scene

The background to this piece was my interest in improvised process music; more information on this can be found on the Compositions/Improvised Process Music page.

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Hello, I am David Bremner, a composer, pianist and organist based in Dublin, Ireland. On this website you will find recordings and videos of most of my recent works, and information about my background and future performances.

News about upcoming projects/new recordings/etc will be added as and when in the blog section of the site below; recordings/scores of existing pieces are archived in the sections to the left. I hope you enjoy looking around the site, and do contact me at davidbremner at if you have any queries. Scores may be obtained from me or from the Contemporary Music Centre, Dublin (

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